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The Flight Log by Ground Control - Travel Industry Opinions & Analysis

The Flight Log by Ground Control
[GC #1] Launching Ground Control! The Investment Syndicate, Community & Newsletter

Hey friends,
It brings me great pleasure to announce the launch of Ground Control – our travel, transportation & hospitality investment syndicate & club, and this newsletter, The Flight Log by Ground Control, along with it.
We’re launching Ground Control to break down the old boy’s clubs of travel and help support budding entrepreneurs trying to revolutionize the travel industry. Subscribing to this newsletter will keep you informed of every deal we launch on our syndicate, and you will have the opportunity to read our Ground Control Deal Memos and personally support the startups we’ve vetted for you. Subscribe! And read on for some background …
What’s Ground Control?
Ground Control is an invite only community of travel industry insiders.
Membership gets you access to the slack channel, a community of 100+ top travel industry insiders, 1-2 deal sourcing calls and 3-4 deal due diligence calls a month and the opportunity (but not the requirement) to put in as low as $1000 into each company we syndicate. Our members are interested in either investing or meeting each other and membership does NOT require any minimum investment.
You don’t need to be a member to be on this list, read the deal memos, and put money in, you just need to be on this list to get our updates!
Our mission is to help the travel industry build back post COVID and to support budding entrepreneurs by helping them break through the industry bureaucracy – if you have operated in this industry for a long time you understand that there isn’t just one old boy’s club in travel – there is a German tour operators old boy’s club, a UK traditional travel agency old boy’s club, a LATAM OTAs insider network, an Aviation old timer’s crew, a Corporate Buyers Club, a Corporate Ground Transportation buyers Club, a NYC Corporate Ground Transportation Buyers Club … and on and on.
But travel startups rarely fit squarely into one of these clubs and as a consequence it can be hard to figure out who you should be speaking to – after 10 years I still find out about big companies doing hundreds of millions in revenue every year that I hadn’t even heard of.
Ground Control is gathering the representatives from each of these old boy’s clubs who are committed to breaking down those barriers in one investment group. Together we’re backing the next generation of travel industry entrepreneurs.
Every month we are picking at least one company to invest in, and I’m happy to report we’ve completed our first investment – 23 investors invested small checks as low as $1,000 in a company that will be announced shortly.
If you’re interested in joining us, please apply here – we’d love to hear from you and even if you don’t think you’d qualify, I encourage you to give it a go – we’d love to speak to anyone who shares our mission to break down barriers in travel.
To support this endeavor we’re also launching this newsletter, The Flight Log, to keep you updated and give you a window into our efforts.
The Flight Log by Ground Control
The Flight Log will cover opinions and analysis about the deals we invest in and will consist mainly of three types of posts:
Ground Control Deal Memos: We will be publishing, with the company’s permission, our internal deal memos that include our theory for why the company will be successful, what wider industry trends the company is playing into, competitive analysis, strategic advantages and more.
Podcast Highlights & Analysis: Regular updates on our podcasts, both the official Ground Control podcast w/ WTM (launching shortly) & How I Got Here with PhocusWire & Mozio (listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts). How I Got Here has featured the founders or CEOs of notable companies like TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, Kayak, BlaBlaCar, Certares, Sonder, Flixmobility and many more, and Ground Control w/ Mozio & WTM will be featuring notable travel industry insiders from airlines, hotels and more with more of a focus on operators, every month. If you want updates on every podcast we release, subscribe.
Analysis & Long-form Essays: When we, or a member of our community, see a notable industry trend that we want to write about we will occasionally write a longer essay. Feel free to reach out if you have something profound to say!
We look forward to making a dent in our industry and hope you’ll come along for the ride.
David Litwak & The Ground Control Team
Sponsored by Mozio, Mobility Infrastructure for the Internet
The Ground Control community, podcast & newsletter are made possible through the generous sponsorship of Mozio, the ground transportation platform used by, Agoda, TUI, Despegar, JetBlue, Air France, Hertz, AMEX GBT and more. Mozio powers the world’s biggest travel brands with airport transfers, ride share integrations and more.
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